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Why No One Pays You Any Attention…

Does it ever feel at times that getting potential clients to notice you and your business, is next to impossible?

That even if you stood on a table in the middle of a packed room full of people that you could really help, shouting and waving your arms around like a crazy person, no one would even give you a momentary glance?

It’s like you’re completely invisible!

The truth is that no one is looking at you because you go there every day and do the same thing.

Everyone in the room has seen it all before.

Doesn’t seem fair does it? I mean you’re a good person. You’ve got so much to give. So much to offer. So many ways you can improve people’s lives.

And you’re definitely not crazy…!

It’s just that shouting louder isn’t enough to get attention in today’s competitive world.

The Right Way to Get Attention

Sadly, by shouting and acting crazy, people stay away.

This is what so much marketing does. It repels the very people it’s designed to attract.

And it’s why so much is a complete waste of time, money and effort.

The reason no one looks at you isn’t just because you do the same thing every day. It’s because all you do is shout about how wonderful you are.

No one cares.

Instead, what if you entered the same room, said hello to one person, and asked them how their day was going? Think you’d get at least a few seconds of their attention you then?

99 times out of 100 you will (there’s always a village missing one…). That’s because you approached them from the perspective of understanding THEM first.

Which is how you not only get their attention, but can start a conversation to KEEP it.

Focus On The Other Person First.

When it comes to trying to attract the attention of potential clients for your business, you’ll experience so much more success when you put your client first. When you make it about them.

When you remember that they’re the “hero” on their own journey. You’re simply the “guide” to help them where they want to go.

That means every communication, message and marketing campaign you create to attract new clients, MUST start with something your PROSPECTS care about, not you or your business.

This Could Triple Your Business (or More…)

The easiest way you can start thinking about how to put this into practice, is by asking a couple of questions I’ll share with you in a bit.

Before I tell you what they are, I have to give credit where credit is due first, to Dov Gordon for how these questions are specifically structured.

I heard him talk about them on a podcast the other day (Marketing Speak with Stephan Spencer, episode 146. if you want to check it out!).

This is the simplest, most powerful way I’ve seen in my 15 years in marketing that you can use to develop a way for how you…

  1. Get attention from your ideals clients.
  2. Maintain their interest long enough to be able to start building the necessary level of trust it takes before someone will even consider doing business with you.

Dov recommends that you ask yourself, then answer, the following two questions…

  • What is a problem they have, but don’t want?


  • What is a result they want, but don’t have?

Then put those into a simple “compelling, head turning” statement, using the below framework:


When you can answer these questions and put the answers into this framework, you have the foundations of a marketing message that could literally triple your business. It’s that powerful.

That’s because when your marketing message is focused on your ideal client, not your business, you’ll stand out from everyone else in your market…

  • You’ll easily get attention of your ideal clients, and repel anyone that isn’t a good fit.
  • That attention quickly becomes interest.
  • Once you have attention and interest, you can start to further educate them about the problem you solve, and build trust.
  • Trust in you will mean more ideal clients are open and receptive to hearing about the solution you provide.
  • You become a business where clients come onboard happy and excited to work with you.

No More Crazy Here…!

When you put your client first and build your marketing around a message that leads with a problem they have (but don’t want), and/or a result they want (but don’t have), you can stop being the one who has to stand up and shout.

Instead you’re the one in the room everyone knows, everyone smiles at and says hello to when you walk in. And everyone talks about to their friends… for all the RIGHT reasons.

Do This For Yourself Right Now!

  1. Answer the two question Dov Gordon outlines above, and craft your own simple “compelling, head turning” statement.
  2. Find someone that you’d love to have as a client (go networking, call them, connect on LinkedIn, send them an email, get creative…!).
  3. At the appropriate time, use your new statement.
  4. Watch the difference in how they engage with you.
  5. Maybe even win a new client!

Then share your results in the Client Catching Community and help to inspire others!

This is also a great place to get instant feedback on your first draft from others, as well as my input, before you take it out into the world!

That’s what I’m here to do. That’s my mission. I want to help you become a client catching machine!

And if you want to see how a Client Catching System works, hook your copy of The Hands Free Sales Roadmap (and extra bonus that comes with it). Click here for your Roadmap today.

Happy fishing!

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