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What the heck is a sales funnel?

Maybe you’ve heard this term banged around all over the internet, and you’re trying to understand what it is?

Or whether it can work for your business, or if it’s worth looking at?

Well, what I would describe as a sales funnel may be a little bit different to some of the other things that you’ll see out there, but this is how I look at it…

Essentially, a sales funnel is a system in your business.

I talk a lot about systems. I’m a little bit obsessed with them.

(Probably has to do with having ADHD, and leaning heavily on systems in my own life. Without them I’d probably be a bit of a disaster!)

Systems are how you get things done in a consistent predictable way.

Almost every large business is run by systems and not the owner. You see get Richard Branson answering customer service calls, do you?

It’s a way of allowing you to systemise and duplicate your efforts. It allows you to scale so that you don’t actually have to be there. In other words…

A system allows you to create leverage.

One vital system needed in in any business, is a sales and/or marketing system.

And that’s what I think is most people generally refer to as a as a “funnel”.

However, I don’t believe a funnel is the nuts and bolts. It’s not the tools or technology. It’s not the landing pages, the graphics, the videos, the follow up emails, and all those kind of things. A lot of people think it is.

What I say a sales funnel is…

It’s the strategically designed “guided journey” that you take somebody through on their path to making a buying decision about you, or your company.

So your sales funnel is your roadmap for how you take someone down that path.

It’s how you take them from never hearing about you, maybe not even being aware of the problem that you solve, or not being aware that they have that problem…

To being educated and guided along your path so they can understand this problem, how you solve it in a unique way, while getting to “know, like and trust you, to a point where they can make a decision to buy something from you (or not…).

I always say, that from a sales and marketing perspective, your system (or funnel) needs three major components:

  1. It needs a way of consistently generating leads.
  2. It needs a way of consistently and predictably turning a certain amount of those leads into sales and new client.
  1. It needs a way for you to maximise the value of that new client relationship.

This third point is what many people don’t necessarily think of as part of the funnel; what happens after the sale.

It works by increasing sales from things like up-sells and cross sales, as well as generating assets for your business such as testimonials and case studies.

Plus it helps with the other thing that everybody loves, and that’s referrals!

It’s kind of like having a half a million pound marketing department in your business for the price of a cleaner.

Ultimately, when you systematise all of this, it’s a little bit like having the best member of staff you’ve ever had. They never call in sick, you don’t have to pay tax and national insurance and all that kind of stuff. And they never sleep, they run 24/7.

And that’s why a marketing system, as I believe, opposed to a funnel, is something that every business should have.

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