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Ryan Deiss Broke my Heart

How Ryan Deiss Taught me a Valuable Marketing Lesson on The Importance of Making the Right Offer, at The Right Time

If your marketing is failing to deliver you the results you need, then you will have the solution by the end of this post… (plus a special message for Ryan’s eyes only…)

But first, what’s that picture about?

I went to the Breeding Gazelles event this week in London where Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach), Dan Bradbury and Ryan Deiss were presenting. Great event with lots of great lessons on growing your business the right way.

It was also a platform to launch Dan Bradbury’s new book Breeding Gazelles: Fast Growth Strategies For Your Business which I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of.

Now, I have a slightly weird thing I do at these events.

I ask as many of the speakers I can to pose for a photo doing something a little strange. So far I’ve never had one refuse! (check out my last one with Dan Bradbury here, and download my Customer “Mindreading” Strategy to Double Your Business With No Additional Spend, to see what I did to Russell Brunson here!).

So at this event I set myself the challenge to get Ryan Deiss to propose marriage to me on our first meeting…

There is a good reason for this, so continue reading to find out why…

Who is Ryan Deiss?

For those that might not know him, Ryan Deiss is one of the most successful digital marketers in the world. He’s the CEO of Digital Marketer, a fantastic company that helps marketers and business owners get better results from digital marketing. The approach I take with my clients is heavily influenced by his teaching.  

So you’d think one of the biggest focus he’d have for a presentation would be around a funnel or automation or traffic. But it wasn’t.

That’s because Ryan knows that these are not the thing that makes the biggest difference. They’re not the biggest point of leverage in a business.

So what makes the biggest difference?

It’s your offer.

Most importantly, it’s the order in which you make it.

At the event, Ryan spoke about a sequence that a great offer must follow based on psychological principles of human relationships. Business and marketing is no different.

According to Ryan, this is often the first mistake made by many business owners. Too many consider their business as something other than a vehicle to build relationships. A mere transaction of product or service. But whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s still H2H (human to human).

Too many businesses are self serving, trying to sell everything at the first go. Thinking their stuff is so good that asking for that first big sale straight away doesn’t hurt.

Well, in his words, “it does hurt to ask…”

How to build the perfect offer

During his presentation, Ryan shared how the perfect offer can only be made by going through 8 stages of a successful customer journey. They are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Subscribe
  4. Convert
  5. Excite
  6. Ascend
  7. Advocate
  8. Promote

I’m not going to attempt to summarise his work here. I’ll let him do that for you. In fact he already has, listen to episode 43 of The Perpetual Traffic podcast here where the man himself goes into great detail on the subject.

Instead, I’m going to make the assumption that you can grasp the underlying principles from the names themselves, and show you how this works in a totally non-business example, and bring it round full circle to how you apply it in your business. 

You shouldn’t propose marriage the first time you meet someone

Ryan uses the analogy of meeting a romantic partner. He talks about how it’s pretty creepy and weird for anyone to ask someone to marry you the first time you meet them. They’d most likely run a mile!

But that’s what so many businesses are doing with their marketing and sales. They’re going straight for the sale without building a relationship first. Bad marketing talks about yourself or your business first, provides no value, then asks the prospect to buy. Without the relationship in place, they’re gone. And they won’t come back.

That’s why it does hurt to ask…

8 steps to heartbreak… Or is it?

I love this analogy. So much so that I tried to stress test it, and his process, in my first meeting with him to see just how effective it can be. Basically I used Ryan’s own formula on him in order to get my specific and desired end result.

Plus a funny photo to use on this blog post…

Having never met him personally before I attempted to propose marriage on our first meeting.

He turned me down. (Though I did get further than I expected, I’m sure mainly due to him being such a cool guy!)

Does that mean his formula doesn’t work?

No. It worked like a charm.

Remember, you can see the photo at the top of this post, that was my ‘Core Offer Sale’.

So how did I use Ryan’s own formula on him?

I made him AWARE of me by saying hello, introducing myself and shaking his hand.

I ENGAGED him by telling him how I’ve been a fan and customer for a long time.

I SUBSCRIBED him by intriguing him with the line “this is a weird request, but…” Then stopped to pose for a first “normal” photo. He was then “in my world” or “on my list” (for the following few minutes anyway), as I had his attention and he wanted to hear more from me.

This had actually done the CONVERT part for me as he followed up by asking what my weird request was.

So I EXCITED him by saying I love his analogy of how businesses make the mistake of proposing marriage on the first date, and I was writing a post to compliment and spread this message.

Then I asked him if he’d get down on one knee and propose to me for a photo…

Now, he was wearing a nice suit, which made it a step too far.

But he wanted to help and insisted on me hanging around so he could think of another idea. (Can you see how the process meant that he was wanting more, even if this “offer” didn’t work at this particular time?)

I didn’t get upset by this. Instead I thought of it from his point of view, then made another offer to make it easy for him (down-sell anyone?) 

By doing so I ASCENDED him by “following up” with this alternative offer. I heard the objection and re-framed the request. Remember, I had a specific end result in mind that I didn’t want to walk away from as it was such a rare opportunity.

Instead, I said I’d get on my knee if he’d pose for the photo.

He agreed, and now I have a photo that makes me smile every time I look at it.

What’s the big lesson here?

Ryan said no to my proposal of marriage, but as we’re both already married that’s probably a good thing as the fallout would have been awkward!

What he did show me, and you, is that even if you have the perfect message, employ the best sequence and make a good offer…

… if it’s the wrong offer to the wrong person it makes no difference. You’ll be turned down.

The offer is everything. You have to have something people want.

You can have the best messaging, perfect design, loads of traffic or prospects seeing your offer. But if it’s to the wrong person, or at the wrong time, you won’t make the sales you need.

How you know what the right offer is?

Know your customer. Understand their struggles. Know what result they want.

Then be specific with your offer and speak to that end result.

Just be prepared that even that might not work. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed result. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you.

But that’s where most people give up. One rejection or objection and they move on.

Big mistake.

You must continue to adjust your offer in line with what your customers tell you and how their needs change over time.

My free Customer “Mindreading” Strategy goes into the step by step process of how you do this, enter your details at the bottom of this post, or get your copy here.

What about Advocate & Promoter?

So you’re possibly thinking I missed out on employing the final two parts of Ryan’s process?

Think again. 

The final chapter in this story is about the fact that most would consider the sale to have been made by getting the photo, and so marketing stops.

Well it doesn’t.

Marketing never stops. It continues to build the relationship between you and a customer.

That’s what this post is about.

Rather than tell you, I’m showing you the importance of this critical part of your customer journey and offer making process. It’s the part most people never think about and rarely do.

You see, this photo and blog post may one day find it’s way to Ryan, and teach him to become an advocate…

“Adam King? I remember him from London, interesting (if not slightly strange) guy…”

Perhaps he’ll love it so much one day he may even become a promoter…

“I gotta show you something. This guy Adam King did something weird in London. I just thought he was a typically strange and eccentric Brit, but look why he did it…”

He may become neither.

But by writing this post and sharing his message I’m not leaving this to the “kindness of strangers”. I’m actively following up and giving it a better chance of happening.

Not every customer will get to the Advocate or Promoter stage, just like my relationship with Ryan may never go any further.

But that’s OK.

Keep doing the right things over and over, and you will get there with a critical mass that do.

The businesses that understand this are those that succeed and see the fastest growth. They become a Gazelle.

The real reason for doing this

I’m using this as a real life illustration of Ryan’s framework in order to prove to you that it  works. This post is the ultimate proof that Ryan’s formula deserves your attention.

How? Because I’m a promoter of Digital Marketer and what Ryan teaches.

I’m truly grateful for the work and teaching he and his team put out. I want more people to read, listen and buy Ryan’s stuff. Not because I get anything from it, but because it’s the best teaching there is in the world on digital marketing, and it will help you become better at it.

So hopefully this post turns someone new on to him that had not heard of him before, and starts along his customer journey that will add more revenue to his business.

This is not completely selfless, it’s actually pretty selfish.

You see I want Digital Marketer to continue to bring more products out into the world that helps me and my clients! This is my small way of helping that happen.

Here are more Ryan Deiss products, tools, guides, services, and tips:

Dear Ryan Deiss…

When you read this I want you to know I’m OK.

I cried myself to sleep that night, but woke up the next day realising how difficult long distance relationships are. I understand why you said no. Thank you for letting me down so gently.

And besides, I never have been a fan of a man in blue spandex, especially when it’s second hand and not washed…;)

Keep up the good work Ryan! And if you’re ever looking for help with DM in London, maybe next time you’re over we can start small, grab a coffee and have a chat…?!

Adam King & Ryan Deiss

If you have any suggestions for future posts, need a friendly bit of advice on how you can improve your offer, drop me an email on adam@thinklikeafish.co.uk.

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