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What’s the one current challenge you’re facing in your business, that if you could fix in the next 90 days… 

…would have the biggest impact on your growth?

This is the question at the heart of The B2B Growth Think Tank, and is the focus of “The Virtual Hotseat” where my guests and I will be brainstorming actual, actionable ideas for solving people’s challenge or maximising the opportunity in front of them!

In this second episode of the show (previously The Client Catching Podcast) you’ll hear the second of three live panels that were recorded as part of the “Re”Launch 3 hour live stream to showcase this new format. Listen to part 1 here.

So listen in to the amazing advice given to help out another business owner or leader who sent in their challenge for the panel to them help.

On this episode:

  • What Amy, Chris and Jake have been working on since our first interview
  • Virtual Hotseat #1: I Know I Need To Lead My Team, But I’m Tired & Struggling With Motivation At The Moment. How Do You Deal With The Weight Of It All When Things Are Tough?
  • Virtual Hotseat #2: Biggest Client Is Hurting My Team, But We’d Struggle Without Them Unless We Replaced The Revenue – Be Nice Or Fire Them?
  • Virtual Hotseat #3: Marketing Budgets Cut – Where To Invest To Get Maximum ROI?

And much more!

Mentioned On This Episode

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