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I’ve developed a SaaS software that helps businesses generate more social proof by automating the way they capture, generate and publish customer success stories / case studies using an AI powered “Virtual Agent” to interview customers. It then creates multiple sales, marketing and content assets that they can use throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

My challenge is I’m in a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation. I’d like to go to market by licencing the software to marketing agencies and other businesses where “digital marketing” touches some aspect of their service, to help them expand their offerings and grow their revenues, but I don’t yet have enough end user feedback to validate the product will have the demand I expect. 

Any thoughts on the direction I should go?  

This is today’s listener question that Adam King and his guest Stefan Smulders brainstorm and mastermind solutions to on The Virtual Hot Seat section of The B2B Growth Think Tank.

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