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My guest today is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Steve Scher.

He previously served as CEO & Owner of Acrobat Outsourcing, where over 14 years he forged his business into a leading temporary staffing company with 18 offices nationwide in the US, $50 million in annual revenue, and ultimately achieved the entrepreneurial dream of not just building a great business, but also selling one at maximum value..

Today he is a business mentor, professional speaker, and acclaimed author of High Risk, High Reward, where he shares his journey of an “underdog entrepreneur” who took chances, overcame obstacles, and built a $50 million business.

He now spends his time guiding business owners to achieve ultimate success and financial freedom through his company Acrobat Advisors.

On this episode:

  • Steve’s personal motto for success
  • Why high risk is really about risking your time in order to create your own destiny
  • The value of underdogs and second chancers
  • Real-world tips to create a culture of agility and loyalty
  • Inspiration to fight for your business every day!
  • Tips to build out your business and maximize value
  • Why you should NEVER stop marketing, in good times AND bad
  • What Steve would do to save his business in 30 days

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


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