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Did you know that referrals are 3 times more likely to convert, will stay 4 times  longer, buy 3 times more in year 1, and are 2 times more likely to refer more who are just like them?

That’s pretty powerful!  

Which is why you’re going to want to listen to this episode a few times, as I’m talking to Mark Jarvis, who is an expert on using networking and referral marketing to explode your business.

Mark is Director of The Referrals Builder, and known for helping businesses generate £millions in new business by referral. He helps his clients master the simple, but powerful strategies he’s developed from his years of experience, that get a flood of referrals, consistently.

On this episode:

  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to get more referrals
  • The 5 rules to getting a consistent flow of referrals
  • One simple 10 minute daily ritual that could skyrocket the number of business opportunities you create.
  • To incentivise, or not? Why most get this wrong…
  • How to use LinkedIn the right way.

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Happy Fishing!

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