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All of us are being bombarded with so much stuff, we have to tune out simply to stay sane.

So it’s getting harder for businesses to break through the noise and avoid being lost on an ocean of obscurity…

Unless of course you can craft a message that your ideal clients really resonates with, and then communicate that message in a way that gets attention, builds trust and attracts clients, while your competition stays lost in the noise.

That’s exactly what my guest today, Founder of Elephant Communications Guy Bellamy, helps you do. He is a Communications specialist with a 23-year track record of helping businesses reshape their communications strategies in a way that impacts your clients, and your bottom line. 

On this episode:

  • What loud shirts can teach you about memorable communication.
  • Why effective communication isn’t about the channel you use.
  • How to get respect and be liked by better understanding your clients.
  • Why effective communication is like being at a drinks party.
  • If you can’t get engagement without paying for ads, don’t do it.
  • Great communication is more about listening, so stop SHOUTING!
  • The control of the agenda is not with you, it’s with your clients and all you need to do is show up and be useful.
  • 3 simple things you can do to improve your communication. 

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Get The Guide

I also wanted to let you know about a brand new free resource I’ve just released called…

How To Stand Out And Attract Clients In A World Of Extroverts & Selfies: A Quietly Powerful Guide For Professional Introverts… (And Curious Extroverts!)

There’s both a PDF download and bonus video version.

Essentially I created this after realising that, as an introvert who can at times be painfully shy, meaning that sometimes struggled to stand out and attract clients, I’m not alone!

So if you’re an introvert like me, perhaps at some level you’ve felt this has held you back in your business?

Because even though you’ve been successful, you’ve always found it a little harder to attract clients in this age of social media and selfies, (and the thought of taking one, especially in public, makes you cringe…), than others who seem to embrace it.

If so, this guide could be your saviour!

>>Click here to get your copy<<

I’d love your feedback, so feel free to let me know by hitting reply!

Happy Fishing!


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