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What Is Conversational Relationship Marketing?

Chapter 1
Golden Rule #1: You Need A Road Map To Get You To Where You Want To Go

Chapter 2
Golden Rule #2: You Don’t Have A Business Unless You Can Identify A Specific Client That Wants A Tangible Result (And Is Willing To Pay For It)

Chapter 3
Golden Rule #3: A Compelling Offer Is Ten Times More Effective Than A Convincing Argument

Chapter 4
Golden Rule #4: Craft Your “Hook” Around The End Result Your Ideal Client Wants

Chapter 5
Golden Rule #5: You Must Answer The Question “What Can You Do For Me?”

Chapter 6 
Golden Rule #6: The Only “Hack” Or “Secret” To Getting Results From Marketing Is CONSISTENCY.

Chapter 7 
Golden Rule #7: Start With People Closest To You & “Low Hanging Fruit” First

Chapter 8 
Golden Rule #8: Proactively Build Your Network & Message Your Top Prospects DAILY

Chapter 9
Golden Rule #9: Scale happens when you “Fish Farm” (The REAL Power Of LinkedIn Most Ignore)

Chapter 10
Golden Rule #10: Stay Visible Using Content That Builds Authority And Starts Conversations With Your Ideal Clients

Chapter 11
The Keys To Making This Strategy Work For You

Chapter 12
Words Of Wisdom (From Hard Won Experience)

Chapter 13
Putting This All In To Action

So the next few episodes of The Client Catching Podcast are going to be a bit of an experiment…

I’m recording the audio version of my book Conversational Relationship Marketing, and decided that I would put the whole thing on the podcast! 

I’m doing this for a few reasons…

  • I’m giving away the book for free (not even an opt in), but realise that not everyone likes to read (or like me with 2 kids under 5, has time for it!), and as it’s a digital book it isn’t the easiest to read on a screen. So I want to ensure as many people as possible get the chance to consume the content and use the strategies that I share.
  • I was just going to put the audio files on Google Drive for people to download, but then realised that isn’t a particularly easy way for people to listen on the go either. And as in this format you can’t easily speed up the playback (which I like to do, so figured there’s plenty out there that like to do the same!), this made sense.
  • Plus I figure a few people who listen to the book on the podcast, will also subscribe and listen to some of the great interviews with some of my guests, get them more exposure and grow the podcast. Win/win/win!

But bottom line, this is my attempt to get this valuable content in as many people’s hands as possible, to help as many people as possible!

I’ll be releasing a few chapters at a time over a couple of weeks, then I’ll add a final version that is the full book, start to finish. They will be added above in separate players, and available as bonus content on your favourite podcast app of choice as they are released!

I’d be interested to hear whether you prefer the format broken down or full book? Connect with me on LinkedIn here and send me a message to let me know!

As for what you’ll find inside the book itself? Well it’s called…

Conversational Relationship Marketing

10 Golden Rules For B2B and Professional Service Businesses That Consistently Create More Sales Opportunities & Close Deals (Using Professionalism, Ethics and Good Manners)

Discover exactly how to ensure that you consistently have a full calendar of motivated and qualified ideal potential clients who want to discuss how you can help them.

I’m literally giving away the exact strategy my clients pay thousands to implement with them!

Not only that, but inside you’ll find all the templates, frameworks and workbooks that you can use for free, with no strings attached. Not even an opt in!

So even if you got here to the audio version first, make sure you get the written version too for access to all the resources.

Get Your Copy On The Client Catching Podcast Listener Gift Page

Happy Fishing!

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10 Golden Rules For B2B and Professional Service Businesses That Consistently Create Client Sales Opportunities & Drives Revenue Growth