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A couple of days ago, Travis Ketchum, CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination, Chris Bruno, CEO of SocialINK, and myself, decided to run an open Zoom Collaboration Call to help businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing during these difficult times.

The idea was to try to help as many people as we could during this COVID situation. We are all experiencing the same things and it’s hard to figure out what to do next when no one knows what’s coming next.

While we did EVENTUALLY manage to have a great conversation and share some solid ideas on what we can all be doing right now, unfortunately it got off to a bit of a rocky start…

Basically we experienced first hand what #ZoomBombing was the hard way.

We also learned a valuable lesson… Don’t put an open link to a Zoom call out into the world!

We didn’t want to ask people to register as didn’t want to put anyone off thinking it was some kind of “data gathering” exercise. But unfortunately a few people who have clearly been stuck inside for too long showed up and thought it would be hilarious to start throwing insults, profanities and showing screens of lewd acts…!

There’s a few villages missing more than one idiot by the look of things!

You can read what Chris wrote about this by reading the blog post he wrote about it here

But as everything that is going on right now requires quick thinking, resourcefulness and flexibility, we did manage to quickly pivot and host the call on a different platform (Thanks Travis!!!)

So tune in to hear us share our thoughts about the “new normal” and discuss creative ways to sustain (and grow) your business during this challenging period and beyond.

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  • Adam i enjoyed the Podcast and the uplifting message at a time like we are in at the moment around the world. KEEP it UP Bro.

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