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Today’s guest is Bob Gentle who is the managing director of Amplify, where he has worked with a range of business, from Corporate and SME clients, to Solo practitioners, to help them leverage digital marketing so they stand out, reach new heights and new revenues. 

Today he specialises in the Oil & Gas sector as he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced after seeing it first hand through his family’s deep connections in the industry. 

It’s this shift into specialising that has seen Bob’s business change dramatically for the better. Though it wasn’t an easy journey…

On this episode:

  • How a packet of biscuits can lead to new business. 
  • The next “big thing” in digital marketing isn’t what you think… 
  • Do you still need a website in this age of social media?
  • Why you need to specialise.
  • The unspoken pitfalls of using a done for you agency for your marketing. 
  • Why most businesses only have one P Bob…
  • What Bob would do first if he had to start all over again.

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Listen to Bob’s Podcast – The Gravity Podcast

Visit Bob’s Amplify Agency Website

Connect with Bob on LinkedIn

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