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Joining me today to talk business growth and help out a fellow business leader on The Virtual Hotseat is Marcus Cauchi.

Marcus has worked in over 500 segments of the market across 23 vertical markets helping his clients generate over £6.5bn in additional sales. Yes, you read that right, I said BILLION with a B!

With over 30 years experience in sales, Marcus believes that selling is a service profession, not a self-service profession. Unfortunately he’s found not everyone sees it this way…

Which is why he’s a man on a mission to clean up sales because of where the practice has been driven by the unscrupulous and incompetent. He’s furious that the financial cart is being put before the customer success horse. He’s livid that salespeople are being trained, encouraged and incentivised to lie, manipulate, and mis-sell by managers and leaders who make the customer pay a heavy price for their greed, lack of competence and soulless immorality.

Part of this mission is the community – Sales: A Force For Good, where he’s looking for 8 tech companies in the £10-50m revenue range who want to grow to £1bn in revenues by building a good highly profitable business, built on strong fundamentals, with highly engaged employees and customers for life without ever selling out to greed, self interest or bad investors.

So buckle up, you’re in for a bumpy but exciting ride on this episode!

Plus we help out another business leader on The Virtual Hotseat where we’re answering the question…

“How do I help our sales people sell to prospective clients so they don’t sound desperate (even though we are)?”

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