This is part 2 of my conversation with Greg Hickman, CEO of, one of the world’s top coaching companies for service providers looking to grow and scale.

So if you haven’t listened to part 1, make sure you listen to that first or this won’t make much sense!

It was such a great conversation that it inspired me to record a little extra at the start after some of the topics Greg and I covered. You’ll find out “Why” when you listen…

On part 2 of Greg’s interview:

  • How systemising yourself is as important as any system in your business.
  • The strategy Greg would use if starting all over again to catch clients.
  • A simple system every service business can implement fast to improve their sales.
  • The single sentence to add to all your content that will get you more appointments.
  • And much more…

Greg’s Website –

Greg’s Facebook Group – The Scalable Service Provider

You can see how to build your own Client Catching Ecosystem by watching my free, on demand Masterclass Training…

“Less Selling. More Clients”

It’s where I share the roadmap to systemising and scaling your firm that will increase your influence, consistently get you in front of ideal prospects, automatically follow up with your leads, while growing your network and pipeline so you add 4 to 12 of the right clients each month.

All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!

Watch the Masterclass here

Happy Fishing!

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