Before I introduce today’s guest, I wanted to give you the heads up as this conversation is an example of what happens when two business owners get together and start talking not just about business ideas and strategies for growth, but also the internal struggles we all face as we strive to reach peak performance in all areas of our lives.

So as there were so many awesome subjects covered with my guest today, plus some “Real Talk” and a little geeking out on a few things…

I’ve split our conversation into two episodes!  

This is part one, and I’ve got a feeling this and part two are going to be something you’ll want to listen to a few times, as I’m talking to someone who is truly one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to growing a client business.

Which is why I’m thrilled to be joined today by Greg Hickman.

Greg is the Founder and CEO of, one of the world’s top coaching companies for service providers looking to grow and scale.

As well as well as helping hundreds of service business to improve their internal processes, gain time back in their day and scale their businesses, he’s also worked with some very well known entrepreneurs, including Chris Ducker and John Lee Dumas to name drop a few on his behalf.

On part 1 of Greg’s interview:

  • Why so many service providers struggle to feel fulfilled.
  • The model Greg uses to help a service business scale, without sacrificing your clients results.
  • Why focusing on the problem you solve will simplify your entire business.
  • How being able to simplify the complex fuels Greg’s passion.
  • And much more…

Greg’s Website –

Greg’s Facebook Group – The Scalable Service Provider

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Happy Fishing!

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