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2020 changed the way most “traditional” businesses that mainly operate offline work, and many struggled to adapt to a virtual world. 

But that struggle needn’t be quite as hard, as so much of the value people like this have is locked up in their expertise, skills and ability to get their clients results. They just need a different way of delivering this to their clients. 

And my guest today knows exactly how to help you do this!

Dan Netting has spent 8 years building a business around packaging and selling expertise online, all in a very niche and traditionally offline based industry, motorcycle track riding techniques. 

After learning what it takes to create amazing online learning experiences that really deliver, today he helps other coaches, consultants and trainers take their expertise online, with a focus on creating something that’s built on the foundations of the  positive impact it has on other people.

Plus we help out another business leader on The Virtual Hotseat where we’re answering the question…

“I know how valuable it is to build my influence with video, but I’m so uncomfortable doing it. What’s the most impactful way of doing this so I don’t hurt my brand by being so bad?”

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