Today I’m really excited to welcome my friend Matt Clark, the Chief Rainmaker At The Virtual Edge on to the show!

Matt is a sought after international speaker, with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects relating to sales and marketing.

Matt started his first company at 23 selling telephone switchboard systems and copiers door to door. He grew the business 300% per year and racked up almost £7 million in sales in just 4 years. So Matt knows a thing or two about how to structure sales systems and processes to generate cash quickly!

One of the ways he does this today is by consistently generating high quality leads and clients from LinkedIn without spending a cent (or penny) on advertising.

Which is why I know he’s going to drop a tonne of value for you here today!

Now just to warn you, Matt is from South Africa, and he talks fast so you’re going to want to pay attention… He’s got a boat load of energy and enthusiasm and I’m delighted to welcome him on the podcast today!

On this episode:

  • The psychology of sales, and why it’s not what you think
  • How Matt helped a client go from a 3% to a 35% sales conversion rate… from half the amount of leads.
  • The simple LinkedIn strategy that will open the doors to multiple warm conversations with your perfect clients.
  • The one line to use in your sales conversations that will save your hours chasing the wrong prospects.
  • And much more!

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn – 

Watch Matt’s free LinkedIn training – 

You can see how to build your own Client Catching Ecosystem by watching my free, on demand Masterclass Training…

“Less Selling. More Clients”

It’s where I share the roadmap to systemising and scaling your firm that will increase your influence, consistently get you in front of ideal prospects, automatically follow up with your leads, while growing your network and pipeline so you add 4 to 12 of the right clients each month.

All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!

Watch the Masterclass here –

Happy Fishing!

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