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This is the recording of a LIVE Virtual Hotseat panel where my 3 expert guests and I help out 3 other business leaders by brainstorming actionable ideas for solving real current challenges, or helping them to maximise an opportunity in front of them!

During this 1 hour livestream we covered:

  • I’m The Bottleneck – How Do I Fix This?
  • Ideas For Moving Into A New Market
  • Losing Opportunity Through Lack Of Follow Up Strategy – What Can I do?

Joining me on the panel:

  • Matt Johnson: Agency Owner, Podcast Production & Growth Expert, Best-Selling Author and Host of MicroFamous Podcast. 
  • Dean Soto: Systems & Business Process Genius, Creator of “The Virtual Systems Architect” and Outsourcing Expert. 
  • Byron Morrison: Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Mindset and High-Performance Coach. 


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