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Tobin Slaven: The Most Direct Route To Revenue & Cash Flow In Your Business

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Pretty obvious, but without leads and sales opportunities no business can survive.

The problem is that too many businesses just aren’t equipped to generate enough quality sales opportunities to grow.

Probably because many are using outdated tactics that just aren’t going to work in today’s social selling environment. For decades, marketing and sales teams have used high-volume outreach tactics to drive revenue OR they’ve sat around waiting for inbound leads and referrals.

But things are changing. The old way of doing business doesn’t cut it these days. Buyers have changed. They are more sophisticated. They are more discerning. And with so many offers being presented to them from so many sources, trust (for many) has become harder to win.

So what do you do?

Well my guest today Tobin Slaven from is going to tell you! (and probably blow your mind in the process)

On this episode:

  • Confessions of a reformed digital marketer.
  • What are Conversations at Scale?
  • Why “Funnels” don’t work the way they’re sold to you.
  • Tobin’s 4 Gears of Marketing.
  • How to fill your pipeline with interested and qualified prospects using LinkedIn.
  • Why you need to find the AWESOME in others if you want to do business with them.

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


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