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Steve Pailthorpe: Generate Organic Leads From Search

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If you think about how our habits have changed in the last decade or so, one thing you’d probably put at the top of your list is how you probably type stuff into a search engine like Google on a daily basis.  

In fact a little statistic I found suggests eighty-one percent of customers and massive 94% of B2B buyers, will perform searches online before they make a purchase!

It’s these changes in our behaviour that have meant as business owners, we know about the importance of showing up in these searches, or we risk falling behind the competition.

Which is why you’re going to want to pay attention to my guest today, Steve Pailthorpe, Founder of who is recognized internationally as a prominent digital marketing & SEO expert.

On this episode:

  • Why SEO isn’t dead…
  • The small simple changes that will result in more visitors to your website
  • Why it’s vital that your website is designed for search if you want to generate leads
  • The importance of backlinks
  • How to get millions worth of insights from the big boys, that you can use for free

And much more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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I also wanted to let you know about a brand new free resource I’ve just released called…

How To Stand Out And Attract Clients In A World Of Extroverts & Selfies: A Quietly Powerful Guide For Professional Introverts… (And Curious Extroverts!)

There’s both a PDF download and bonus video version.

Essentially I created this after realising that, as an introvert who can at times be painfully shy, meaning that sometimes struggled to stand out and attract clients, I’m not alone!

So if you’re an introvert like me, perhaps at some level you’ve felt this has held you back in your business?

Because even though you’ve been successful, you’ve always found it a little harder to attract clients in this age of social media and selfies, (and the thought of taking one, especially in public, makes you cringe…), than others who seem to embrace it.

If so, this guide could be your saviour!

>>Click here to get your copy<<

I’d love your feedback, so feel free to let me know by hitting reply!

Happy Fishing!


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