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Jonathan Denwood: How To Use An eLearning Platform To Grow Your Service Business

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When I talk to most service business owners about growing their firm, the majority tell me their strategy is focused on getting more clients they can serve with their current offerings.

Which makes total sense of course. However, not many consider that there are alternative ways to grow your service business. And there’s one specifically that doesn’t require you to continue to add overhead and infrastructure to deliver the service itself…

I’m talking about eLearning and online courses. This could be through a stand-alone course, or using them in combination with your existing services to enhance your client’s experience, help to differentiate you from others in your space and charge higher fees.

But if you haven’t considered eLearning as a viable option for you because you’re put off by all the “techy stuff”, then my guest today is going to remove that excuse and really open your eyes to the possibilities of adding an online element to your service offerings.

He is a fellow Brit but has made a very successful move to America, which is where he’s joining me from today.

He is the Founder and CEO of WP-Tonic, where he helps his clients create online courses and eLearning platforms that can add a substantial additional revenue stream to your business!

So as his approach to growing a service-based business is one not many consider straight away, yet is more simple than you realize, I’m really looking forward to talking to my guest today, Jonathan Denwood!

On this episode:

  • What is eLearning?
  • How to use an eLearning platform to enhance your existing services
  • How to plan and build your own online course 
  • The 3 ways Jonathan attracts and catches clients for his business
  • And much more!

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And while everything my guests and I talk about “can” work (if done properly), some growth strategies are meant for different businesses at a different stage of growth, so aren’t suitable for everyone.

So how do you know the best ones to use for your business?

That’s why I created the Business Growth Stage Scorecard

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