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A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Have Your Best Clients Promote YOU to 1000’s of Ideal Prospects

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After a bit of a hiatus during the Covid lockdown, I’m back with a solo episode today! 

During all the disruption, I’ve realised how important it has become to reassess and go back to basics. And one of those basics is that it’s easy to forget how powerful someone else’s words can be for your own business.

As the saying goes “Nobody sells you better than someone else.”

But I’m not just talking about your standard “testimonials” here. I’m talking about something FAR more powerful…  

On this episode:

  • How the Covid lockdown has impacted my business
  • The Single Most Powerful Marketing Asset Available To Any Business
  • The Simple Process To Extract Powerful “Storymonials” That Has Your Clients Selling YOU.
  • Specific Strategies To Turn “Storymonials” Into A Surge In Qualified Leads And Revenue.

And much more!

This was part of a talk I did at the Financial Services Brand Accelerator Virtual Event, hosted by Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine (a past guest on the podcast). Alex did an amazing job of turning an in person event, into a virtual one in a crazy short time! 

You can get a copy of the slides by clicking here (no opt in)

You can also listen to my interview on his Advisors Assemble Podcast from earlier in the year by clicking here 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Listen to Alex Curtis’s episode: 4 Principles of Lead Generation Success

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Adam King is Captain of Think Like a Fish, host of The Client Catching Podcast. Today, Adam’s passion is helping service businesses, Advisors & Experts to build their own “Client Catching Ecosystem” that removes you from up to 90% of your marketing and sales process, instantly boosts your authority, while at the same time increases the quality of leads, appointments and clients that you attract and catch… All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!

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