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How We Help

The Think Like a Fish Marketing Solution

Check out the Think Like a Fish Marketing Blueprint to see the only marketing, lead generation and client acquisition process you'll ever need, simplified into a single page​ (no opt in)

The process we work through is designed to help you discover:

  • Who your “ideal” target prospect is
  • What makes you and your business different
  • How to best position your company in the marketplace
  • What tactics will work best for your type of business
  • How to implement an effective lead generation process
  • How to develop an effective “selling process” for your business

​Together, we develop a unique marketing strategy for your business.

First we review where you are now, your current approach, your capabilities, objectives, competitive landscape, target clients etc.

Second we develop or improve your communication platform - your messaging, how you position your business, what makes you different, company values, tone of voice etc.

Third, we develop the concepts for your collateral - website redevelopment (structure, journey, content), blog set up, e-shot templates, content examples, report templates etc.

Finally, once this is completed, we then develop a customised tactical plan to carry out your strategy.

This includes the most effective marketing channels to use for reaching your ideal client, outline marketing and sales funnels, example lead generation campaigns with rationale, measurement and 12 month marketing calendar.

Upon completion of the TLAF Marketing Process you will have the research and strategy necessary to begin lead generation and client acquisition campaigns.

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