How to Get Clients FAST, Without Spending a Single Penny on Advertising

How to Get Clients FAST, Without Spending a Single Penny on Advertising

A simple “old school” strategy that will teach you how to get clients and generate hundreds of leads with over 2,000 years of success stories to back it up!

15 years is a long time…

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that’s how long I’ve been “fishing in the marketing waters”.

Yet in that time, having tried almost every marketing strategy out there, there’s one that consistently outperforms everything by a long way…

Every. Time.

Strategic, Reciprocal Partnerships & Relationships

But I’m not just talking about any old partnership. I like leverage and getting maximum value from everything I do. And I like to help others do the same.

So I have a “Turbo Charged” version of this strategy for you today!

I’ll give you all the details in a minute…

The reason partnerships and relationships are so effective can be summed up with my own twist on a well versed quote…

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.
Leverage a crew, and you’ll feed the entire village for generations”.

Adam King, “Captain” of Think Like a Fish

This is why partnerships and leveraging your relationships to mutual benefit is better than any marketing tactic for catching new clients that might be currently “hot” (and people are trying to get you to buy, or teach you).

  • Better than Facebook Ads.
  • Better than “funnels”.
  • Better than posting a thousand times a day on social media.

It’s better because human beings have been growing empires, not just businesses, based on these strategies for thousands of years!

The best part?

It costs nothing but a little time, and the willingness to approach it with a true ‘win/win’ mindset!

So what’s this “Turbo Charged” strategy?

Partnership Masterminds

Collaborate with a group of likeminded people, who you enjoy hanging out with, and who all help each other build their businesses!

When two businesses partner to refer business one way, it is called host-beneficiary marketing.

If you’re asking someone to refer business to you, you are the beneficiary, and your partner is the host.

Then you can switch it round.

The benefits are simple. Both partners can get access to an established audience and client base that trusts your partner. They are qualified, so you know they’re in the market for what you’re selling.

Meaning that if you have the right partnership this should over say a year, worst case, lead to 1 to 3 new clients.

“Wow Adam, that sounds depressingly low. I thought this was a “Turbo” strategy…?”

Remember, this is worst case. You could see 10 to 20, 40 to 50 or even over 100 new clients from a single partnership. But for now let’s assume worst case…

Stick with me here. I’m not crazy (promise… 😉

What If Everyone Else is Wrong?

What if I told you it’s a smart idea to approach all of your marketing activities assuming worst case results?

What if you could have a winning marketing strategy based on the assumption of bare minimal results?

Totally different approach, right?

In other words, use a marketing strategy where you can get “poor” results and STILL hit your goals of bringing in 5-10-40-50 new clients like clockwork.

Or as many as you can handle!

Because to get to those higher numbers, all you need to do is repeat the process and go fishing in more rivers!

When you have a proven strategy and system that you KNOW will generate, worst case, 1 to 3 clients every time you set up a partnership or relationship with someone else who has your ideal clients in their sphere of influence (river)…

You can simply rinse and repeat.

Doing this with just one partner can be a bit limiting though, as there’s only so many times you can do this before it gets a little too much.

Now imagine if you had an entire “crew” doing this.

A group that you set up and facilitate. Your very own ‘Mastermind’.

It is made up of people who are selling products or services to each others ideal clients.

Each member has either a reach, an audience and/or a loyal client base. Sometimes all three.

As it’s natural that there will be those in other peoples audience that will never want to buy from them. For whatever reason, it’s just not a fit.

But they might be looking for you!

Plus, it’s inevitable that your clients always need something AFTER they’ve done business with you (your solution will always lead to a new “problem” or need).

So you share something of value from a complementary businesses from the group that provide these solutions for your clients (but you don’t offer).

It’s a wonderful way for everybody to grow the pie!

  • Everybody makes money by helping each other.
  • It’s a deal where everybody gets to win.
  • Every one of the partners who participate can win.
  • The clients win.
  • The people in all the member audiences win.

So everybody gets something that they want!

Ok, so far, so good right? But you’re probably thinking…

What Do I Do As The Host Of My Partnership Mastermind?

You simply recruit and approve members, then facilitate the group.

Rather than lay everything out, take a look at how my mastermind works and what we do as a group here (no opt in)

You don’t have have this designed like this when you start. Just a simple word document or email will do.

The main things to include are an explanation of what the group is about, who it’s for, the benefits of joining and how it works. Feel free to model what I’ve got for your own needs!

How To Set This Up, Fast.

There’s five quick steps to go through to make this strategy work.

  1. Get clear on who your IDEAL clients are.
  2. Identify who those clients are ALREADY doing business with.
  3. Offer that person/business and their audience/clients MASSIVE value by joining your mastermind.
  4. Collect the flow of leads and clients that reach out.
  5. Watch everyone in the group learn and grow with you.

Finding Potential Partners

The first thing you need to do is find potential partners.

It doesn’t make sense to create a group full of business that are all direct competitors. They’re not going to want to dilute their sales by sharing their clients, any more than you want to share yours with them.

However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be more than one group member offering the same services, as they could serve a different type of client. The main criteria is that you want to have partners who are in the same market.

That might sound confusing, but here’s how it works.

When starting out, it is a good idea to approach partners whose businesses are complementary to yours. The type of businesses that offer the kind of services your clients will need BEFORE they need you.

An example is, let’s say that you’re a mortgage broker specialising in first time mortgages.

It doesn’t make sense to pair up with another mortgage broker, but it makes a lot of sense to look for successful estate agents who might be willing to partner with you to share clients. Any first time buyers that enquire, or they help to have an offer accepted are going to need help with mortgages.

But as that mortgage broker specialises in first time buyers, they’re not going to be a competitor to another partner who specilises in, say, mortgages for contrators. So you can add more mortgage brokers to the group. See what I mean?

You will hit a natural ceiling where you can’t accept any more members of a certain type as you’ve got every client type covered, but that’s not a bad problem to have as you’ve clearly been growing and will likely have a thriving mastermind!

To identify partners to start approaching, you’re going to want to create a “Partner Profile”

  • Business Type
  • Number of Clients
  • Services that are Complementary
  • Value you can offer their clients
  • Why would they partner with you?

This is a very basic profile, but plenty enough to start with.

Start with your existing network, then expand out and approach new people. Once you have a few members, you’ll be able to ask them to introduce others too, so you may not even need to do much outreach to strangers!

Reaching Out Potential Partners You Don’t Know

It is important to treat the partners you have identified in the same way you would treat a client. Most importantly, the focus should be on the benefits they would get from your Mastermind, NOT your business.

Please, please, please DON’T pitch them on your business!

You’ll fail before you get out the door.

Ok, with that clear, you can start systematically reaching out to people that fit your partner profile, and ask if they’d be interested in joining you Mastermind via direct emails or LinkedIn. Spend 10 to 20 minutes a day doing this for a week and see what happens. You’ll be glad you did!

You can also use this when meeting people at networking events and conferences. Heck, even when you’re buying something from a business you think could be a good fit. Always be building your crew!

But What Do You Say?

This post is getting a bit long. So if you want a copy of my template that you can use for yourself, grab your copy here.

You can use this both for reaching out via email and LinkedIn.

Only difference with LinkedIn is that when contacting people you don’t know yet, you’ll need to start with a ‘Connection Request’ message. I’ve included this too!

Grab Your FREE Partner Outreach Template here now

Can you start to see the potential in this? Really awesome, right?

This strategy is all about providing value for another person and enhancing their business, then using that relationship to rapidly grow your own business. Then doing this in a leveraged way through creating your own Partnership Mastermind.

You’ll start to realise additional benefits as the founder, as this becomes a source of authority for you. Don’t be surprised if you get offers to speak at conferences, on podcasts or other kinds of interviews. All of which will increase your reach and make you more attractive to clients.

So why are you still here?! Get started on this right now, and you could have your first members and referrals as soon as next week!

Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • Where are they already doing business?
  • Who do I know already to invite as a founder member of my mastermind?

Drop them a call or email and see if they’d be open to a chat about an idea you’ve got.

Set up your Partnership Mastermind group and get your first member, then a second, and third…

Then use my Partner Outreach Template that you can get for free here, to start connecting with new businesses, grow your Mastermind and watch the clients flow to everyone involved!

This strategy helps everyone. You make some money, help others do the same and feel good about yourself for being the one that started the group!

Who said marketers are bad people?!

Please, please do this! IT WORKS!!!

Take everything I’ve shared here and run with it. Don’t just gloss over this and do nothing with it.

Do this for yourself, for your family, for your finances, for your freedom, for your sanity… for whatever reasons you have. DO IT.

Then share the results with us inside the Catching Clients Facebook Group, preferably help others, help us all as a crew to succeed!

This is our Facebook community where smart professional service business owners and executives come to learn how to get more predictability, more profit and more leverage, and connect with others who are scaling too. Click here to join.

That’s what I’m here to do. That’s my mission. I want to help you become a client catching machine!

Let me know how you get on!

And if you want to see how a Client Catching System works, hook your copy of The Hands Free Sales Roadmap (and extra bonus that comes with it). Click here for your Roadmap today.

Or if you’re interested in our Client Catching Partnership Mastermind, and offer products or services to other business owners, entrepreneurs, professional service firms, consultants and experts, take a look at our Outline & Purpose document here.

Then schedule a chat to see if it’s a good fit using the link at the back.

Happy fishing!

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Adam King

Adam King is Captain of Think Like a Fish, host of The Client Catching Podcast. Today, Adam’s passion is helping service businesses, Advisors & Experts to build their own “Client Catching Ecosystem” that removes you from up to 90% of your marketing and sales process, instantly boosts your authority, while at the same time increases the quality of leads, appointments and clients that you attract and catch… All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!