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How to Become a “Marketing Jedi”, So Clients Can’t Resist You… Part 1

The Simple Framework For Crafting a Message That Consistently Attracts New Clients.

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”

Yes, I’m a Star Wars nerd!

This is from the scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, where Obi Wan uses his powers to take over the minds of a couple of Stormtroopers, and pass safely into Mos Eisley with Luke, R2-D2 and C3-PO.

The EXACT droids they’re looking for…

You gotta admit, that’s a pretty cool skill to have!

While I’m no Jedi Master (as much as that hurts to admit…), I’m going to attempt my own little “Jedi Mind Trick” on you right now….

If I’m right, read this whole article. If I’m wrong, it’s not gonna be worth your time, so you can go about your business. Move along…

Deal? Ok, here goes…

  • You run a professional service business, and/or you’re responsible for developing business, sales and clients for one.
  • You’ve got a skill set that you’re really good at.
  • One that allows you to make positive impact on a lot of people.
  • You got into this business because you love what you do and you want to help people.
  • You didn’t get into this because you wanted to learn all about marketing, did you?
  • You know marketing is necessary, but it’s not what you love.
  • You find the whole subject of marketing frustrating, confusing and overwhelming most of the time.
  • Some months are great, and you have a full client book and pipeline.
  • More often though, it’s a bit patchy because you just can’t figure out a way of marketing that works consistently to attract a steady flow of great clients.
  • Ultimately, all you really want to do is great work, with great clients, who value what you do and respect you for it. (oh, and pay you fairly for it!)

How did I do?

If you’re still reading, maybe that means I am Jedi Master…

Or maybe I just know my clients very, very well. Maybe I know the language they speak and the struggles they face that they would rather not have to deal with. Maybe I know that my ideal clients are fellow Star Wars nerds…

Ok, so I’m not a Jedi Master.

But I do have a few “mind tricks” of my own that I can use to uncover the things people are thinking in a way that makes crafting marketing messages, campaigns and strategies that have far more successes than failures.

And now, because you’re still here and I want you to get the better half of the deal we made above, I’m going to break the code, and tell you exactly how it’s done!

The way I approach creating a message and campaigns that has an 80-90% probability of being a success, is that I start by actually…

Talking To A Human Being!

What we use in my business, Think Like a Fish, is a specific questionnaire to interview ACTUAL clients, or ideal potential clients of a business. We have a couple of different versions depending on if it’s an existing client or a prospect.

The core reason we do this is because it allows us to “boldly go where no marketer has gone before” (I’m not a Trekki, just couldn’t resist…).

That place is deep into the mind of the very people who are a perfect fit for the business we’re working with, so we can understand how their perfect clients think about the problem they solve.

  • How it affects them.
  • Why it hurts.
  • What they want in their life or business instead.
  • What would move them to pay to solve this problem for them.
  • And how much are they willing to pay for it.

This then allows us to create marketing that works 80-90% of the time from the start. (No one’s perfect. Anyone that tells you they can give you 100% certainty is lying). But just a little bit of tweaking is usually enough to see the improvement needed for things start working, and attracting a consistent flow of new clients.

Getting The Gold

So, during this interview, the first question you’ll ask is:

“[The problem], is it (was it) an issue for you?”

Because obviously you want to make sure you’re actually talking to someone that’s dealing with this problem, or has dealt with it in the past! (or you’ll totally waste your time).

Then you want to ask questions like:

  • Why is (was) this problem an issue for you?
  • What do you feel the consequences would be of not solving the problem?
  • What is (was) the worst thing about it?
  • When you think about (the problem), how does it make you feel?

With every one of these questions, you’re looking to probe more…

“Okay, tell me more about that. okay, what else?”

You’re really trying to draw it out of someone.

Then you want to understand their perceived (or actual) reality after solving the problem.

You want to understand what they think the solution could be, should be, or how they envisioned things to be different for them afterwards.

Things like:

  • If you’re able to solve the problem, what do you think will take place?
  • What would your life, business, health, (whatever it is you do) look like or be like after you’ve solved the problem?

If they’ve already experienced the solution, simply adjust these questions to reflect that. For example:

  • Now you’ve solved this problem, what has taken its place?
  • How does your life, business, health, (whatever it is you do) look like now you’ve solved this problem?

You can go through these sorts of questions and you ask them in a fairly systematic and methodical way. These are just samples of a wider set of questions. But at every point, you’re pulling things out, trying to dive deeper.

Understand What Your Prospects Are Thinking, And You’ll Never Run Out Of Ways To Attract Them.

What you’re really trying to do throughout this interview process, is identify their real thoughts and feelings about the problem and solution, and pinpoint the exact language THEY use to describe these.

Then you can structure your marketing messages and campaigns in a way that uses the majority of THEIR OWN WORDS. The language, narratives and ways of telling their story that they use themselves.

So you don’t have to sit there and go…

“Oh, crap, I’ve got to think of something to put in my marketing.”


“I’ve got to come up with an amazing headline but I have no idea what’s going to work.”

Because you’ll be given everything by the the very people that you’re trying to help and serve. Who are the most likely to pay for your services.

The key thing we do with these interviews is record them. And if possible, we do it via a video call. If we can do it face to face, we will always have a recorder.

We then transcribe it so we don’t miss a thing, or just write down our own interpretation of what they say.

Do This, And 80% Of Your Marketing Is Done.

A single interview has the potential to give you a year or more worth of ideas and content for some very profitable marketing campaigns! Do a handful and you’ll never be wanting for what to do!

That’s because you simply apply the framework I’m going to outline in part 2 of this saga… (read this here)

This framework will show you how you how to take the insights you gain from your interviews, so you can present your offer and and craft your message throughout all of your marketing a way that will have your ideal clients wondering whether you too have Jedi Mind powers, as they won’t be able to resist working with you.

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