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What if you could get more out of what you already have?

We Build Marketing Systems That Increase Sales Without Spending More on Lead Generation

When most service business want more clients they think “I need more leads”.

In reality most are wasting money on marketing & advertising as they're not converting enough of the leads they're already getting...

FREE Book - How to Employ a £500k per Year Marketing Department, Without Hiring a Single Member of Staff

The Secret to Filling Your Sales Pipeline and Calendar Full Of Appointments With Motivated Ideal Clients

What Are You Looking For Today?

I Need a Marketing Strategy

You need a clear Road Map to guide you where you want your business to go.

We create a custom marketing Road Map that shows you how to consistently attract more leads & ideal clients, and ultimately generates more revenue.

I Need to Know What My Market Wants to Buy

We solve this problem for you.

We take a structured approach to marketing research that turns complex data and customer insight into actionable intelligence.

I Need More Clients

You need a sales and marketing system that hook qualified prospects, then systematically reels them in until they're ready to buy.

It's like having a £500k Per Year Marketing Department That Generates Appointments & Sales 24/7, Without Hiring A Single New Member Of Staff

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Adam King

I’m Adam King,

“The Captain” at Think Like a Fish

I’m a Certified Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft Partner, with over 14 years of experience “fishing in the marketing waters”.

Today, along with my team of specialists, our passion is helping businesses to grow while freeing up time and resources with sales automation systems that produce a quantifiable ROI.

The part I love most about what I do is open up a whole new world of client, revenue and income opportunities that most companies never realised they had.

You don’t know what you don’t know…

​Start With Our "Customer Mindreading Strategy"

We've found there are really only a few key adjustments needed for a business to transform their marketing results.

We discover what these adjustments are by taking a psychological deep dive into what the people in your market thinks & why they buy. We then run research backed campaigns that turns your business into a demand generating machine.

Discover how you too can read the mind of your market and win more business with our FREE Strategy Guide.