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Good Marketing is Like a Warm Meal To a Weary Traveler…

The paradox of successful marketing is that it’s actually quite simple.

That’s why it’s so hard.

It’s simple because there’s really only one thing it’s there to do.

I sum it all up like this…

“When you get your marketing right, it creates such a strong desire for your services within your ideal clients… that the act of selling is like welcoming a hungry, weary traveller into your home for a warm meal.”

In other words, when marketing is done right, the sale isn’t hard. It’s a welcome relief for your prospects.

“Ok Captain. Nice quote… But that doesn’t help me fix my marketing and get more clients now does it?!”

Well, that’s because…

When Marketing Doesn’t Work, It’s Usually Because The Creators Simply Forget To Do The Basics.

The entire ethos I started Think Like a Fish with is that you make everything in your marketing about the client or the customer, not about the business.

While I think it’s fairly obvious why this approach is more effective, it’s actually not as easy as it sounds. At least that’s what I can deduce from the abundance of “ME, ME, ME!” marketing and advertising I see everyday.

By the way, I’m not criticizing anyone from my profession here. I don’t think this happens because the people behind this marketing are bad at their job.

It’s more likely that they’re overworked, overstressed and struggling to keep up with the demands from the “powers that be” in their company, who demand more of the “ego” marketing approach. Then get mad when it doesn’t work and blame the marketing department…

Been there, done that. Never again thanks!

Successful Marketing Starts From The Ground Up.

It starts with your client or customer.

Meaning it doesn’t happen by luck. It happens by design, and you’ve got to be very purposeful in your intent to do this.

Which is why a lot of marketing is doomed to fail before it gets out of the harbour, with no iceberg to blame in sight….

This is because so much marketing I see out there is focused on the business that created it, or the product or service being sold. Not the person buying it.

All that happens is this kind of marketing ends up doing a lot of shouting, but getting lost in the wind with everyone else.

There is a better, more effective way though. Think about it this way…

Your marketing has three core functions.

  • It needs to connect
  • It needs to educate
  • It needs to change

And it generally has to go in that order.

Because if you can’t connect with somebody emotionally, they’re not going to continue paying attention.

If they don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to educate them about their current reality, the problem that they are facing, what’s possible for them, etc.

Meaning they’ll never be able to see what’s possible or what potential outcome or result they can achieve by buying your product or your service.

Plus, if you can’t show or educate people how they can actually achieve that through what you provide, then they’re never going to be able to change their situation.

If you can’t show this throughout your marketing, your copy, your design etc, you will struggle to make sales at the level you should.

When You Craft Your Marketing, It’s Not About Making Sales.

It’s not about trying to convince, or persuade, or coerce people into buying, doing or thinking something that they don’t need, want, or believe they need.

If you think about it in that way, (that your marketing is there to make sales), then you’re setting yourself up for potential disappointment because…

Making a sale isn’t in your control.

The decision on whether somebody buys or not, lies with your prospect, NOT you.

You only have control over the process that brings them up to that point of decision. Or as Google calls it, that “Zero Moment of Truth”. The moment in the buying process when someone researches the point prior to purchase, where they’ll either buy, or not.

So if you think about it from this perspective, the real purpose of your marketing is to give people clarity on:

  • How to solve a problem that they already have.
  • One that they already know they want to solve.
  • Or how to achieve a result that they already want to achieve.
  • Or to realise a desire that they already have.

So that when they reach this critical decision point, it’s easier for that person to buy, not to buy, or go with somebody else, if they’re not a good fit.

Align Your Values With What Your Prospects Already Believe.

I believe the ultimate aim of your marketing is to build trust with a person.

Trust that you’re the best guide, or the best solution to help them achieve what they truly want to achieve.

Because, at its core, great marketing is all about transformation.

  • Somebody is at point A with a problem.
  • They want to be a point B with a solution.
  • The gap is the difference.
  • That’s the transformation and where you, your business, or your service comes in.

If you think about your marketing from this perspective, and you put this at the core of what you say and how you say it, then you can start to put yourself in your clients shoes.

  • You think like the fish, not the fisherman.
  • You give them what they want, not what you want.
  • You show them the way to where they want to go.
  • You paint a picture of how life is now, and how it could be.

In doing so, you start to naturally attract more of your ideal clients, as you show them, (not just tell or shout at them…) how well you “get” them, so they feel understood.

You don’t try and force feed them something they don’t want, when they’re not hungry.

Because once your marketing is crafted from this perspective, what tends to happen when you then put the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time is…

Sales Become The Natural Byproduct.

Because what you’re really doing throughout all of your marketing is taking someone on a guided journey.

A guided journey of SELF discovery. And like every voyage of self discovery…

People will only come to a realisation or a discovery when they’re ready.

The only real control that you have within your marketing is to help a person along their own journey. To find their own path. And when they do, you’re their as their helpful guide.

If they’re not ready to buy at a particular point in time along that journey, that’s ok. Unless you give up.

So with every contact you make with a potential client, make sure that, at the very least, you’re moving them a little closer to the point where they can make that decision to buy or not.

Said in another way, that guided journey or discovery, is really how you show a potential client that when they buy your service, you’ll give them a faster, less stressful, or less embarrassing solution, to the problem they’re facing.

That’s totally different to how most marketing is done. It’s your opportunity to stand out. Take it!

Then watch your ideal clients turn up on your door, hungry and tired, ready for a warm meal…


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Happy fishing!

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