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10 Golden Rules For B2B and Professional Service Businesses That Consistently Create Client Sales Opportunities & Drives Revenue Growth

(Using Professionalism, Ethics and Good Manners)

Discover exactly how to consistently have a full calendar of motivated and qualified ideal potential clients who want to discuss how you can help them.

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What's In The Book? 

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Who is Adam King?

I’m Adam King, “The Captain” at Think Like a Fish Growth Marketing & and Host of The B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast.

I help established B2B and Professional Service Firms implement a simple, scalable business development system I'ves developed from over 18 years in marketing called The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem, that gives them the platform to grow their business from 6 to 7 figures (and beyond).

The truth is, the business world today is oversaturated with marketing tactics that simply overwhelm most business owners.

But I believe that when you use the right strategy, it replaces a thousand tactics and simplifies everything. 

I focus on a time tested strategy based on fundamental principles of human behaviour, that’s worked for 1000's of years, and added a modern twist that leverages the amazing opportunities that today's digital world offers.

Get to know me a bit more by listening to The B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast where where each week my expert guests and I discuss growth strategies, ideas and insights, as well as helping another business owner on the “Virtual Hotseat” by masterminding actionable solutions to a specific challenge they're currently trying to solve in their business.

No hype. No false promises. Just real strategies that work!

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