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Follow Up Failure is a Virus That Can Kill Your Business

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You come across somebody, say at a networking event. You hit it off instantly and that person says “oh I’ve been looking for someone like you to help me”.

Great! A new client, you think.

But this is usually where things start going wrong…

  • You take their business card, say you’ll give them a call.
  • But you get back to the office to deal with a load of stuff that didn’t get done while you were out.
  • A few days go by and you haven’t been in contact.
  • Then you remember, so you send an email. Nothing for a few days.
  • So you give them a call. No answer.
  • You try again over a couple of weeks until finally they answer…

Only to hear they went with someone else they met at the same event…


But this happened because you were trying to do it all yourself.

This “follow up failure” leaves a lot of money on the table!

Most professional services owners put all their marketing efforts into getting as many leads and prospects for their business as possible…

…but they ignore the 97% of people who don’t buy from them right away.

Yet most people I talk to who run their own business, or handle the marketing for one, knows the importance of following up with leads who haven’t bought…

They just don’t have the time or people to do it effectively or consistently. Well that’s the most common reason I hear at least.

So when I ask them, “what about your follow up system?”

They don’t really know what I’m talking about.

That’s When I Know Their World Is About To Change…

Instead, what if you had a process, a system that would take care of the follow up from meeting someone at a networking event for you?

So when you met this same person, at the same networking event, you quickly scanned their business card and it instantly put that person in your “Network Event Follow Up Campaign”.

This is a simple campaign that is just one part of your full marketing system (what I call your Client Catching Ecosystem).

It captures their details, sets a timer to send a quick, friendly follow up email a day after the event saying how good it was to meet them, and that you hoped they enjoyed the event.

It also sets you a reminder to make a follow up call after 2 days.

But you didn’t even need to make that call, as this person responded to your email an hour later saying it was great to meet you too, and that they’d love to set an appointment to continue the discussion about using your services!

You send them a link to book a time in your calendar, have the call and in less than a week welcome a happy and excited new client onboard!

Oh, And By The Way…

You did this with eight other people at the event too!

  • All of them replied to your email saying thanks, it was good to meet.
  • Four set up appointments after the first email.
  • Another two set an appointment after you called them.
  • The other two aren’t quite ready or just super busy.

But for those last two, your follow up system will continue to drop them quick, personal and useful emails over the next couple of months, as well as scheduling reminders to give them a call after a few weeks.

This is just one example of using a system to handle follow up for you.

The Personal Touch, Delivered At Scale.

It doesn’t stop there though.

The level of scale can be massively increased by adding extra ‘pieces of equipment’ to your Client Catching Ecosystem.

Use a piece of “Bait” that is valuable information that solves a specific problem for your target clients, packaged in a simple to use way.

They get this by giving you their contact details, then they go into your follow up system.

This system then sends out helpful, valuable and “entertaining” content that you’ve created once, and is delivered via email once every few days. All without you doing a thing.

Put this “Bait” on your website, your social platforms, your business cards, your print ads… Pretty much anywhere you’re “fishing” for new clients.

You can add 5, 10, 100, 1,000, 100,000 people into your system now and always know you’re consistently following up. You’re continually building trust and authority with them.

So that when it comes to them wanting to engage someone for the service you provide, YOU are the first person they call as you’ve been following up!

If I Gave You Back 20 Hours a Week… What Would You Do With Them?

Yes, it’s possible to get back 10 to 20 hours a week in previously wasted time.

You can find out how to do this by grabbing your copy of my:

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  • Book and prepare people for sales calls and meetings.
  • Create a waterfall of referrals.
  • Free up 10-20 hours per person, per week of previously wasted time.  
  • Increase your sales and profits.
  • All without spending a penny more on advertising or lead generation.

You simply focus on the things that you enjoy doing and let a system handle the rest of it for you!

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Happy fishing!

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Adam King is Captain of Think Like a Fish, host of The Client Catching Podcast. Today, Adam’s passion is helping service businesses, Advisors & Experts to build their own “Client Catching Ecosystem” that removes you from up to 90% of your marketing and sales process, instantly boosts your authority, while at the same time increases the quality of leads, appointments and clients that you attract and catch… All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!