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Episode No.3: Stop trying to solve the wrong problem

Today I’m going to try and address one of the most common questions I get when speaking with people that run a professional service business.

“How can I get more leads for my business?”

I’d say about 9 of of 10 people I talk to ask me a version of this, so I know it’s a problem a lot of businesses face.  

But there’s something slightly wrong with this question. Almost everyone that asks it, on further digging, doesn’t have a problem generating leads. Their problem is that they’re not closing enough of the ones they’re already generating.

Essentially what this question tells me, is that the person asking it is thinking…

All my problems would be solved if I just had more leads.

If only it were that easy…

In today’s episode:

  • The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Enough Clients
  • The Only Three Things You Need In Order To Catch More Clients
  • Why You Need A Process For Your Marketing
  • How If You’re Only Playing The Short Game, You’re Seriously Missing Out
  • And Much More…


As a listener of The Client Catching Podcast, I’d love to help you crush it with your own Client Catching Ecosystem.

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What you and I will do is discuss your business, your goals and see if and how we can help you achieve them. I’ll help you develop your own mini roadmap for how you can attract, catch and grow more clients for your business.

If you get nothing else from it, it’ll be a deep dive with me on your marketing and ways in which I would suggest you can make it more efficient.

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