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How Thinking Like a Fish Will Grow Your Business

In the first episode of The Client Catching Podcast, I’m doing a bit of a solo!

You’ll get a taste of what to expect, and why you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss an episode!

I’ve started this podcast because I know that in the real world, running a business where you work directly with clients delivering a service, isn’t all calm waters and plain sailing…

Winning new clients, finding good people for your team (and retaining them), managing the day-to-day, delivering a great service…

There’s always work to do!

And then there’s marketing! That thing everyone tells you that you ‘should’ do more of..

Or that you just need to use their ‘magic bullet’ tactic (for a price) and all your worries are over.If only that were true. But marketing is much more involved than simply using some “flash in the pan” tactic…

  • You need the right message that attracts and educates people about the problem your business solves, in an honest and believable way before they can even consider becoming a client.

  • Then you need to get that message in front of the right person at the right time.

  • And then there’s that small detail of actually setting up the appointments, making the sales, bringing on clients and serving them at the highest level.

No wonder sometimes it feels next to impossible!

Which is why I’ve created this podcast to help take the pressure off, and show you what’s working for other successful businesses, so you can use these same strategies to grow yours!

In today’s episode:

  • Why If You Want To Catch “Big Fish” Clients, You Need The Right Bait!

  • How One Simple Shift In Perspective Can Change Everything For You, Your Business And Your Income.

  • One Of The First Things Every Human Being On The Planet Thinks When They Wake Up In The Morning, And Why It Matters For Your Business Growth.

  • The Science Behind Getting Attention For Your Business.

  • And Much More…

Happy Fishing!

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Adam King

Adam King is Captain of Think Like a Fish, host of The Client Catching Podcast. Today, Adam’s passion is helping service businesses, Advisors & Experts to build their own “Client Catching Ecosystem” that removes you from up to 90% of your marketing and sales process, instantly boosts your authority, while at the same time increases the quality of leads, appointments and clients that you attract and catch… All without spending a penny on advertising or adding more hours to your week!