I work with Service-based B2B businesses to add £100k of new client revenue in 6 to 12 months using foundational marketing principles, combined with modern strategy & systems

Does This Sound Like You?

Your business sells either a professional service, consulting, coaching or advice based on your skills, knowledge & expertise…

You either own the business, or you’re responsible for sales or marketing and growing the client base

You’re business works directly with clients to help them achieve a certain result or outcome…

You typically sell that service through a one on one appointment, consultation, a review, audit, or something comparable…

What you do requires a high level of trust… and have a client value of at least £5,000 in the 1st year…

The business has been successful, established for a number of years and has an amazing track record of providing a great service that your clients highly value, with the results to prove it..,

But... You've hit a plateau as you’re dealing with stalled, or potentially, declining growth because you're starting to realise that what you’ve done to achieve the success you’ve had until now, isn’t working to get you to the next level...

You’ve primarily built your business on referrals, hustle, networking, or relying on one or two sales “rainmakers”...

You've tried “dabbling” with marketing tactics, (or hiring some outside help), but the results haven’t lived up to expectations...

All of this has left you feeling pretty frustrated!

You just want a consistent way of attracting high value clients…

A proven approach that’s simple to execute, without it taking more hours than you have in the day, and gives you predictability for how you can grow your business to the next level…

If that’s you, then I may have something for you...

The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem

In an ocean of complexity, I believe it’s more important than ever for your marketing to be built on principles that don’t change if its to grow sustainability.

And when you use the right strategy, it will replace a thousand tactics, simplifying everything.

So the strategy I follow is simple. Everyday I focus on creating real relationships with a specific group of human beings who I can add value to, do business with, or collaborate with.

The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem

And I do this at scale using multiple points of leverage.

This is the philosophy is at the center of everything I do, as it’s a principle that’s stable in time.

So from this foundational principle, I created a simple, yet powerful growth marketing methodology called The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem.

This places your client and their problems at the center of your business, and creates an ecosystem of value and solutions around THEM. Whether you deliver all the solutions or not (and you don’t have to by the way… that’s part of the power!)

It’s simple because you only focus on 3 GROWTH ACCELERATORS...

The 3 ACCELERATORS of Growth


When you’re seen as an authority in your field, people want to know what you have to say.

That kind of authority attracts ideal clients to you and enables you to create your own demand from high value clients for the services you provide.

Growth happens as a result of having Authority.

How much Authority do you have to reach your growth goals?


One of the fastest ways to build momentum and grow your business is with Strategic Alliances.

Otherwise you’re doing everything on your own.

It’s like fishing with a single rod & only catching ONE fish at a time…

Growth happens when you replace the "single rod" with an entire "fleet of fishing boat Captains"!

How many Alliances do you need to reach your growth goals?


Scalable and sustainable growth requires an "ecosystem" of ROI producing sales and marketing assets that you use throughout your client acquisition efforts.

You can then leverage these by systemising and automating their delivery so they're working for you 365 days a year, 24/7.

Growth happens once income starts to flow from assets.

How many Assets do you have to reach your growth goals?

Take The Business Growth Scorecard To Find Out Where You Stand Against The 3 Growth Accelerators!

Want to see how the Growth Accelerator Ecosystem could work for you?


Sorry, but you need to know I can’t help everyone.

  • My services are most suited for professional service business owners (or Head of Sales/Marketing) who are generating high-six to seven figures in annual revenue, and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther..
  • You’re getting (some) leads, promoting and making sales.
  • You have track record of providing a good, solid service and a have a positive reputation in your market. In other words, you need to be honest, decent and really care about making a difference to your clients.
  • This means that you’ll probably have a list of prospects and clients, past and present. Preferably both. It doesn’t have to be huge… just up to date and accurate.
  • You understand that business is not a charity, and are prepared to invest in yourself just as much as in your business. You know business involves risk, innovation, change and evolution, and you embrace it.
  • You MUST be able and willing follow directions, (Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything weird.), and be thick skinned enough to hear a few things you’d rather not (but know are true…). After all, if you don’t actually implement the strategies we give you, neither of us will be any better off.

So if you're good with all that and you're still here, let me ask you...

What if you could focus more on the things that you enjoy doing and let a system handle the rest of it for you?

If you’re curious to find out the answer for yourself…

Who is “The Captain” of Think Like a Fish?


I’m Adam King, “The Captain” at Think Like a Fish & and Host of The Client Catching Podcast.

I help Service-based B2B businesses to grow through their current plateau using foundational marketing principles, combined with modern strategy & systems.

The truth is, the business world today is oversaturated with marketing tactics that simply overwhelm most business owners.

But I believe that when you use the right strategy, it replaces a thousand tactics and simplifies everything.

So after "fishing in the marketing waters"for over 16 years, I take a different, yet powerful approach.
I focus on a time tested strategy based on fundamental principles of human behaviour, that’s worked for 1000's of years, and added a modern twist that leverages the amazing opportunities that today's digital world offers.

Today my passion is helping professional service businesses add £100k of new revenue In 6-12 months using 3 key Growth Accelerators at the core of my proprietary Growth Marketing Methodology called "The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem".

See how it works by watching my free masterclass training!

What's With All The Fish?

I'm often asked about the reason behind the name "Think Like a Fish"... 

It’s not the most orthodox of names for a marketing company, I know!

Yet it’s my belief is that it contains one of the most powerful, yet most widely misunderstood and underused marketing, business, heck, even life lessons within it.

How’s that for a bold claim!!!!

The reason is simple. When it comes to generating leads, sales and attracting the right type of client...

...Marketing is like fishing.

That's because to be successful in both fishing and marketing you have to deeply understand your fish (or in the case of marketing, the perfect person you want as a client). You have to think like the fish, NOT the fisherman!

  • You need to understand what different types of fish want at different times.
  • You need to position yourself to "fish where the fish are" 
  • You need to use a certain type of bait to attract a certain type of fish. 
  • You need to be able to reel in any fish you hook so they buy your main product or service that you have to offer with that bait

The Art Of Marketing Is To Find Your Customers Deepest Desire, Need, Want Or Challenge Or Fear.

You must then take this understanding and create a message, offer or campaign that ties these together with the product or service you have to sell.

The goal of your marketing here is to allow your customer to feel certainty and clarity.

Certainty that they know by buying from you will get them closer to fulfilling their desire or solving their challenge. Or that not buying from you will make it more difficult.

You have to get to this point because everyone wants something. 

The specifics are almost infinite, though they can be condensed into two fundamental psychological principles.

Regardless of your industry, product, service or customer type, people are buying either...

...escape or arrival.

They’re buying escape from where they don’t want to be, or they’re buying arrival to where they do want to be.

Or to put it even more simply... People buy transformation.

Transformation from where they are now, to where they want to be. Or from the person they perceive themselves to be now, to the person they want to become.

Whether conscious or unconscious, these two desires are always uppermost in our mind. It directs our interest, actions and what gets our attention and appeals to us.

That means the number 1 job of your marketing is to: 

  • 'Hook' your customer with...
  • The right ‘Bait’, then... 
  • ‘Map out’ their ‘Escape Route’ and... 
  • Help them ‘Arrive’.

This is what Think Like a Fish helps you do.

Using our proprietary business growth methodology, The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem, we help you design, build and manage automated marketing systems built around the core desires of your perfect clients.

These systems free up your time while increasing your sales and profits, without spending a penny more on advertising or lead generation. 

So what if you could focus more on the things that you enjoy doing and let a system handle the rest of it for you?

If you’re curious to find out the answer for yourself…

25 Things Every Service Business Should Automate

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How automation can benefit six areas of your small business: leads, sales, e-commerce, customer service and engagement, events, and office management.

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