3 Simple Ways You Can Use Marketing Automation For Your Business

3 Simple Ways You Can Use Marketing Automation For Your Business

Where do you even start your marketing automation?

The term “marketing automation” can mean so many things to so many people and conjure up ideas of needing some fancy system, made of all sorts of complicated technology.

Really, marketing automation, as I define it, doesn’t necessarily need to contain all of that. It can include some of it, but not all of it.

What I’m going to do in this post is give you three things that you can quickly use to start with automation. And depending on how how this goes on, I might even have an extra bonus for you at the end!

Scale and Leverage

Marketing automation is really just a way of delivering your marketing; your message, your offers, etc. without you having to physically be there in person to do it,

Meaning you can do it at scale. And that can actually mean almost anything!

Marketing automation could be a postcard, a sales letter, a blog, a website, it can be all of those things.

So with that in mind, what I’m going to give you are 3 ideas for how to use marketing automation in your business. 

Let’s dive in!

Add a live chat to your website.

If you’ve got a contact page on your website, and you want someone to contact you, that’s fantastic. If you’ve got a form that someone can fill out, or a phone number or something, that’s better. But what a lot of people don’t know is you can actually use Facebook Messenger as a live chat.

There is something that you can use within Facebook called Facebook Live Chat.

And it’s actually fairly simple to set up. I’m not going to walk you through the nuts and bolts of how to do it. That’s what Google’s for…

But essentially, what you would do is you go into the page of your business (assuming you’ve got one setup). You go into the settings and you look under messenger platform.

Now, within that, you’ll see the option to create your live chat. You would then customise that in a way that work for you.

You can put it in welcome messages. You can have all sorts of things. And if you want to get really complicated, you can have things like bots that will actually manage some of those chats for you. That’s complete automation.

But really, this is a simple first step. And what someone would do is just type the question in there. And it would sort of pop up with a message saying “Thanks very much, we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

You can install it on pretty much any website. There are a few plugins if you have WordPress that made this really simple to do. I think Facebook Live Chat Messenger is the one that I’ve got on my website.

And again, Google is your friend. If you want a little bit more, maybe even a how to video, send me a message using the Facebook Live Chat button on this page!

Automating calendar appointments.

If you’re a service business and you need to talk to people before they become clients, then this way of automating your marketing will allow you to basically avoid all the back and forth of setting a meeting time.

This one thing alone has probably saved me 10 to 15 hours a week just by having it automated.

You can use all sorts of different tools, some of them are free, some of them have have a paid subscription, and some have more features than others. But essentially what this allows you to do is have a link where somebody clicks, they pick a time that you’ve pre-selected as available on your calendar, and they select their time. And that time has been put into your calendar and their calendar. You didn’t have to do a thing!

The beauty of this is that the software you use sends out automated reminders to you and the other person. And if like my business, you like to have these calls via online video conferencing, then you can also use a number of these tools to integrate with this. For example, I use Zoom and this automatically generates a meeting room link and sends it out as well. 

Some of the examples of appointment scheduling software:

There’s  many more than the three above. Again, Google is your friend in this instance. These tools allow you to make a good impression, follow up with people, and it means that people are going to show up so it saves you a huge amount of time. 

Have something on your website that people can opt in for.

I’m sure you’ve been through something like this.

Essentially what you’re going to do is offer a download. A free PDF, a short guide, a checklist, or something like that, where somebody puts in their information to get it.

This is often called a lead magnet.

You send it via email, and then you have a series of emails that are scheduled to go out to that person to follow up with them.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

This can be a very simple one-page sheet that solves a very specific problem for somebody. And then the email sequence starts with a simple:

“Thank you, here’s your guide.” 

Then you follow up with a series of emails where you talk about the problem that the type of person who is opting into your lead magnet has, and cover a solution. So you actually help by giving some value in advance.

This follow up could include something like a client testimonial, that shows how somebody has solved that problem by using your service. It could be a more in depth case study.

Or it could even be YOUR story that is told in a way that presents a problem, in the way that they are facing it, and how YOU overcame it, which led you to starting your business to help others do the same.

So those are the three ways you can get started using automation in your business.

There’s Facebook live chat messaging, there’s automatically scheduling appointments, and then there’s having a lead magnet on your website.

I did say there was a bonus didn’t I?

How about what I’m doing now? This blog post itself is a marketing automation. I’m delivering a message and offering value without being physically present.

After I post this it will be available to people 24/7. And that is a form of automation.

But what you might not know just from reading this, it that this blog post actually started as a video

I put the video on my business and public figure Facebook pages, as well as my YouTube channel. I then had it transcribed and edited into a blog post! I’ve also posted a version of this on my LinkedIn articles, Facebook profiles and posted it on my Twitter feed.

But what I want to give you as the (proper) extra bonus is you can combine number two, (scheduling calendar appointment) with video. You can technically include point number three, (which is automated follow up) in this too.

One of the most powerful things in marketing is social proof. It’s other people telling their story about how they had a problem, and they found a solution using your business.

If someone has bought from you and they’ve had good experience, you can reach (out or have an automation that does this for you) after they’ve become a client and say:

“How did you get on? Did you enjoy the service? We’d love to hear your story.

And if you’d be open to leaving a testimonial by video, click this link to schedule a video call.”

You send them to your calendar to set up an appointment, get on the phone via video call, and you ask them some questions:

  • What was the problem they had that they came to you with?
  • How did they feel about it?
  • What had they tried before to solve this problem?
  • What impact is that having on their life? 

Then go into your service and how they felt after the experience.

  • Did they solve their problem?
  • How are things different now they’ve solved it?
  • What would they say to somebody else in in their position they were in before they became a client?
  • What was it like to work with you?

Make sure you record the call, edit the start and ending and use it everywhere you can post a video! You’ll get some fantastic case studies this way, which will help to make your future marketing even better! 

Want to see a real life example of marketing automation in action?

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Happy fishing!

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