Stop Throwing Your Marketing Budget Into The Sea…

I Help Service-based B2B businesses add £100k of new client revenue in 6 to 12 months using foundational marketing principles, combined with a modern strategy & system.

Discover How...

Growth happens as a result of having Authority.

Growth happens Growth happens when you build momentum with Strategic Alliances.

Growth happens once income starts to flow from assets.

A steady flow of clients is vital if you want to confidently grow your business to the next level...

Unfortunately many struggle to get there, so they stay stuck. Unable to break through this plateau due to the inconsistent results from their marketing efforts, or after realising what they’ve done to achieve the success they’ve had, isn’t working to get them to the next level... But they don't know what to do differently!

As a Growth Marketing Consultant, I solve this by systemising your sales and marketing using something I call...


The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem

Built around 3 key Growth Accelerators, The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem is a powerful Growth Marketing Methodology for selling professional services.

It’s a systemised way to have great conversations with qualified prospects, build your network & influence, develop partnerships, and increase referrals, every day of the week.

Giving you more time to focus on helping your clients and growing your business!

You'll be positioned as a trusted & sought after Authority, form profit-producing Alliances and build ROI generating sales and marketing Assets required to generate the predictable cash flow your service business needs to grow with confidence.

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Are You Confused By All Of The Ways You "Could" Grow Your Service-Based Business?

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How Can I Help You Today?

Growth Marketing Strategy Road Map

We create a custom marketing Road Map that shows you how to consistently attract more leads & ideal clients, and ultimately generates more revenue.

Growth Accelerator Mentorship Programme

6 months of personal 1:1 attention, consulting, mentorship & accountability to help you implement the full Growth Accelerator Ecosystem.  

LinkedIn “Conversation” Generation

We can handle all your LinkedIn lead generation,

Done For You.

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What Our Clients Say

"In 2 months my business completely transformed" - Dean Soto | Freedom In 5 Minutes

"Think Like a Fish came in to manage lead generation for our events. What started as a project to simply generate contacts actually led to delegate sales of over £70k! This far exceeded our expectations!"
Katy Rose
Head of Marketing & Communications
 TXF Media
“Adam is very meticulous and every decision he makes for our business is well considered. He is unafraid to adjust the sails, test and edit campaigns  and, ultimately, has enabled us to secure new clients.”
Rachel Lees 
Head of Marketing
"Think Like a Fish provided us with a comprehensive strategy to enhance our positioning in the market. They then ran multiple campaigns that successfully generated customers and revenues."
Jean Paulo Ziletti
My Circle Golf

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