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How much Revenue are you leaving on the table?

Adam King  
Chief Growth Officer at Think Like a Fish 
Host of The B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast

EVERY business wants more revenue...

And there's certainly no shortage of consultants, agencies and “experts” who with one hand offer the “answer”, yet hold out the other demanding you pay them a "king's ransom"...

...with ZERO guarantee of actually getting you RESULTS.

Well, I don’t think that’s the right way to do things, so I’m on a mission to change that!

In fact...


More on that in a moment. First I want to show you...

Where real Revenue breakthroughs happen

Over the last 18 years, time and time again, I’ve found for established businesses that have been around a while, revenue coming in and a great track record of client results...

98 times out of 100 I can guarantee your next revenue breakthrough won’t come from getting new leads.

...Or using the latest “hack”.

...Or spending more money on ads.

So where will the breakthrough come from in those 98 times?

Making more from the assets you ALREADY have.

In fact…

You might be sitting on a gold mine!

If you’ve been in business for a while, with high-value services that deliver results and solve real problems, with a client book and/or an audience that trusts you…

…You almost certainly have everything you need to add another zero to your bottom line.

You see, despite what others tell you about how you need to focus on the latest digital marketing tactic…

Or that the answer to all your business challenges is to generate more leads…

This isn’t necessarily the best advice for you right now.

Allow me to explain…

So often, I see great businesses, with huge potential to not just grow, but to make a massive positive impact on more people, try a few new initiatives or tactics, get frustrated with the lack of results, and go back to just doing what got them to where they are.

They hit the dreaded plateau and their revenue growth stagnates, unable to bust through.

So they feel stuck.

They know "what got you here, won’t get you there", but they don’t know WHY they’re stuck, or HOW to get unstuck.

Sometimes You just can't see what's hiding in plain sight

It's not surprising considering at times it seems that there are 1000’s of different strategies and tactics that you could use to squeeze every bit of profit from your business…

…but you (understandably) don’t know which ones you SHOULD do.

Especially because every choice comes with a cost.

Not just from the investment required to implement any particular strategy or tactic, but also from the opportunity cost of making the wrong choice…

Seriously, it’s highly likely that because you’ve been successful up until now, there’s no need for you to spend time and money trying to figure out complicated digital marketing like building “funnels”, SEO or PPC ads right now… (unless you used these to get to where you are today, in which case I can help you multiply the results you’re getting from them).

Instead, my approach is much more simple.

I take the 80/20 approach to uncover hidden revenue, profit, assets and overlooked opportunities you don’t know are right in front of you.

I then give you the exact tools you need in order to extract and take advantage of them.

who i help

Because of the way I work, I choose my clients very carefully.

In fact, when you work with me you become a partner, not a client.

And I only partner with a small handful of companies at a time.

Plus I ONLY partner with you if, after auditing your current situation, I am extremely confident that working together will generate an EXTRA £500,000 in annual revenue, MINIMUM. 

Whilst I've helped companies in all kinds of industries, I specialise in B2B Service, Events, Advisory, Agency or Consulting Firms:

  • With a high value service whose average client value is over £5,000 in the first year
  • Who uses a consultative or person to person selling approach
  • With a good track record client results
  • A minimum of £2 million per annum in revenue.

My RESULTS-BASED PARTNERSHIP MODEL removes all the risk on your part

Should we both agree to a partnership, I require a modest one-time Kick Off Deposit* (so you’ve got some skin in the game too) then a minor share of the increased profit only after that profit has been fully realised.

*The Kick Off Deposit is considered a draw AGAINST my eventual profit share compensation, so YOU GET PAID BACK FIRST AND IN-FULL when working with me before I receive another penny.

It’s a genuine win-win relationship where we both benefit as your business grows.

This way of working is EXTREMELY rare in the marketing industry as you have to be ultra confident you can deliver results.

The reason I can work this way is because I go beyond “traditional” marketing to increase revenue.

After nearly 20 years in this game, I’ve gotten pretty good at helping businesses identify…

     >> Winning marketing strategies
     >> New profit centres & revenue streams
     >>Windfall profits
     >> Overlooked assets & relationships
     >> Hidden opportunities.

SIMPLY PUT… I find lucrative ways to monetise a company's current business model.

Want to see how I could do this for you?

Let's brainstorm ways to grow your business

If this results-based model is something you’d like to explore, click the button below to schedule a no obligation Exploration Call, and let’s get to know each other a little.

Plus, during the call I'll take you through my Revenue Multiplier Audit.

This is my proprietary diagnostic process I use to analyse and uncover the areas of your business with the most untapped profits, and exactly how you can capitalise on them quickly. 

So whatever happens after we speak, you'll be glad you made the time investment to talk! 

What Our Clients Say

"In 2 months my business completely transformed" - Dean Soto | Freedom In 5 Minutes

"Think Like a Fish came in to manage lead generation for our events. What started as a project to simply generate contacts actually led to delegate sales of over £70k! This far exceeded our expectations!"
Katy Rose
Head of Marketing & Communications
 TXF Media
“Adam is very meticulous and every decision he makes for our business is well considered. He is unafraid to adjust the sails, test and edit campaigns  and, ultimately, has enabled us to secure new clients.”
Rachel Lees 
Head of Marketing
"Think Like a Fish provided us with a comprehensive strategy to enhance our positioning in the market. They then ran multiple campaigns that successfully generated customers and revenues."
Jean Paulo Ziletti
My Circle Golf
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